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Compassion 2.0 Conference

How to "operationalize" Compassion in business, schools and government

Friday January 14th - Saturday January 15th, 2021

About Compassion 2.0

What topics will this conference cover?

What happens when an Organization incorporates Compassion throughout its Policies, Procedures, and Culture?

What is Compassion?

How does a Compassionate organization impact the results of humans working together towards a common goal, be it business, non-profit, educational, governmental...?

This Conference will address a wide range of issues that affect business culture, employee satisfaction, productivity and more, while showcasing how Compassion can have a profound impact on raising morale and profitability.

Conference Location

Compassion 2.0 will be held at the Mount Madonna Conference Center in Watsonville, CA


For years Mindfulness has been a critical for the improvement of individual well-being and resulting improved professional performance. Having a better awareness of one's self in every moment brings great benefit to those around who interact with you as one is more peaceful, balanced, and less prone to disruptive emotions.  Organizationally the impacts are tremendous.


What happens when we move our center from Self to Other? What happens if we move from Empathy for another, to Compassion to another? Compassion, in part, implies care for another. If our organizations can successfully bring care into its policies, procedures, culture - How will that effect the result that the organization is trying to achieve?


Practitioners, leadership from business, non profits, government, Academics, and educators from K-12 will come together to explore these Compassion Practices, discuss best practices, and will come away with ideas about how to implement Compassion as part of a Diversity Equity and Inclusion into the ethos of their organizations.


For those organization leaders that understand, or have a gut instinct, that Compassion is beneficial to the execution of their organization, we will be spending the majority of our time exploring how to "operationalize" Compassion into the fabric of their organization.

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More 2020 Speaker Announcements Coming Soon

  • Lori Schwanbeck

    Lori is an internationally recognized emotional intelligence and mindfulness teacher known for her compassion and enthusiasm in supporting people to thrive.

  • Bill Duane

    Bill was responsible for developing and managing worldwide programs to demonstrably increase well being, increase compassion and sustain performance at Google.

  • Dr. Jim Doty

    Dr Doty is the founder and director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University of which the Dalai Lama is the founding benefactor.

  • Laura Berland

    Laura is the Founder of the Center for Compassionate Leadership, which melds evidence-based principles of leadership and the latest scientific research with the wisdom of contemplative practices.

  • Scott Shute

    After twenty-five years of customer-oriented leadership roles, Scott leads the Compassion and Mindfulness programs at LinkedIn.

  • Ward (SN) Maillard

    Coming Soon

  • Ruchika Sikri

    Ruchika equips & empowers Googlers to live fully, perform sustainably, for positive behavior change, leading to higher well-being and increased resilience.


Our speakers represent well-known companies 


Here is our current lineup, full detail coming soon

Friday July 24thActivities
4:00pmOpen - On Site Check-in
5:00pm - 6:45pmDinner & Unconference
7:00pm - 8:00pmKeynote Speech

Dr Jim Doty
Founder and Director, Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education, Stanford University

Saturday July 25thActivities
7:00amOptional Yoga/Meditation, breakfast
8:00am - 5:45pmVarious Sessions All Day
7:00pmEvening Session
Sunday July 26thActivities
7:00amOptional Yoga/Meditation, breakfast
8:00am - 10:45amMorning Session
11am - noonClosing Session completed by noon


We have limited capacity, so grab your tickets before they are gone


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